Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grandpa Ed

My dad came for a long weekend visit, so of course we had to go to the park.

We also spent a very hot afternoon at Traildust Town, which apparently doesn't open until the evening, although the town itself is open before the restaurants and shops, so Alexander had a blast exploring and making some money telling fortunes, all along the lines of "momma daddy booka cheetah kitty dog" or, more likely, a simple "ga." And eerily, all his predictions came true!

We're not sure if this guy works here or if he just likes to dress up like a cowboy and walk his dog here, but he was a nice fellow anyway, and Alexander loved his dog.

Before leaving, Alexander did the obligatory posing:

As always, more photos on our flickr site:


A couple of weeks ago, Darrick took some vacation days so that I could get full days of work in. On one of those days, he took Alexander to the zoo.

Here he is admiring his gorilla cup.

And appreciating the giraffe's unique take on snack time.

Having his own snack nonchalantly, while mere feet from the rhino.

Enjoying the zoo's water area (this is a blogger video instead of a google video--does it show up better for you all?):

We have lots more zoo pictures and other photos on

Parks and Puddles

Alexander has had some good times at the park, sometimes with his friend Lauren, sometimes with his dad, sometimes with his mom, sometimes when he sneaks out at night on secret park missions.

He's even gone hiking.

And, ahem, swimming(?)

Happy Independence Day!

OK, so I'm a wee bit behind on the posts. On top of the usual work marathon, I took on an extra book from a new, prestigious client. I didn't want to turn down the opportunity because I might not have gotten another call, not until I could prove my work, which I did. Woo hoo! So now I'm catching up on the blogging, and rather than doing one long super post, I'll inundate you with several shorter ones, beginning with our Fourth of July fun at the Brokaws. This was the last day off I had until today.