Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When life gives you Mount Lemmon

The weekend before last (or a few days ago in Melanie Standard Blogging Time), we spent Saturday picnicking on Mount Lemmon with friends.

The site was beautiful, with a great view

and, to Alexander's delight, a little creek.

Some disembodied snowman parts were scattered about despite the sun. Ben, Alexander, and Darrick attempted artificial limb procedures with minimal success.

Alexander remembered his notebook, of course. He carries a notebook everywhere these days. He fills them with drawings (Daddy, puppy, eyes) and the letter O. The pages with scribbles are likely code for his plans and ideas regarding snacks; things to put on his head, in his mouth, or both; and world domination using an army of dogs.

We ate, drank, ran around, poked sticks in things, threw and kicked a ball around, and threw things at each other.

Alexander and Lauren experienced the customary game of pass the child.

But I was glad to get my little guy back.

The older girls climbed as far as possible from the rest of us freaks, no doubt talking about electrical engineering or whatever the kids are into these days.