Saturday, October 02, 2010

What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs? It's blog, blog, blog!

The first four months with Sadie have gone by too quickly. With two kids, no daycare, and Darrick and I working full time, we've had a bit of difficulty keeping up the blog. Plus, all but two of you are on Facebook.

The more time went by, the more overwhelmed I felt with just how much I needed to post. So I have decided to just start where we are.

One of the reasons we wanted to have another baby is to give Alexander a playmate, not that there's any guarantee that they will get along, but they do seem to have taken a fancy to each other. For now, anyway. She's a particularly happy baby to begin with, but something about her brother brings out the giggles.

(Sorry about the video quality. We lost our camera battery charger, so for the time being, our phones are the only camera we have.)

Oh, and she's been saying "ma ma," but only when she cries. This made it tough to get a video because I want to pick her up instead of film her. I finally decided that it's probably worth the emotional scarring.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sadie Elise Mallon World Premiere

At 3:58 a.m. on May 19, 2010, Sadie Elise Mallon--9 lbs, 8 oz, 21 3/8 inches long--premiered at the UMC in Tucson, Arizona, to a VIP audience.

Critics are hailing her as the "feel-good baby" of the season and calling her debut a "tour de force" and "a rollercoaster ride of Oscar-worthy proportions."

Rumors are already circulating about Academy Award nominations for Sadie as Best Actress in a Lead Role and Darrick Mallon as Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Executive producer Melanie Mallon refused to comment on Sadie's merchandising potential, although photo calendars, personalized coffee mugs, and a possible action figure are rumored to be in the works.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Alexander turned three years old about a week ago. For dinner, we took him to Joe's Crab Shack. When the music and dancing started, he couldn't stay in his seat.

Then one of the servers showed him some moves.

We're pretty sure he got some digits. We caught him later with a Fisher Price Fake ID Kit, sporting a fake mustache that looked suspiciously like the patch of hair our cat is missing from his back.

When everyone in the restaurant sang Happy Birthday, he got to wear a cowboy hat and ride a horse head on a stick.

Then back home, we surprised him with a Clifford cake, which Darrick made. He drew the Clifford freehand! Alexander was obviously thrilled.

And he loved his gifts. It was the first birthday he seemed aware of what a birthday is, and he seemed to enjoy everything even more than we expected. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas at the Beach

On Christmas Day,* after Darrick got home from work, Alexander opened his presents, including some cool cars from Aunt Christine and Uncle Jim (that would keep him entertained nearly the entire way to San Diego later that day). The Boy does have an issue with wanting to play with the toy he opens instead of opening the other presents, though. Wonder how long that will last?

We'd packed the day before, so after cleaning up the forensic evidence left by Santa, we were out the door, on our way to Loews Coronado Bay Resort for the weekend (thanks to the employee discount).

We spent our first morning walking around the bay, looking for shells, things to throw, and missing hands.

As soon as Nana and Papa arrived, we opened more gifts then headed out to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was quite the drive.

The carousel was definitely the highlight.

Alexander liked it too.

And the safari had its moments.

Well, OK, moment. It had its moment. But it was a great idea in theory, and at least we all got to be bored together. Nothing brings a family closer like synchronized yawning.

After Uncle Eric, Aunt Jené, and cousins Charlotte and Andrew got into town, they suggested we go out to La Jolla and check out the Seals. I gotta say, I was all for this idea. Finally a little something for the moms, am I right?

Yeah. These weren't the seals I'd hoped to be ogling, although I do admire those abs.

Alexander's seal impression was uncanny. I don't know what exactly he was saying to those creatures, but I'm pretty sure there was some kind of marine mammal coup fomenting by the time we left.

That evening, we had an awesome birthday dinner for Andrew and my mom at a restaurant on the bay. Alexander and Andrew were on the same frenetic wavelength, which was a mixture of hilarious and mortifying as these things usually are in restaurants.

The next day, before we had to head home, we all met up at Legoland, which is rather incredible. To see some of the amazing structures, check out the full set of photos we took. (If you're family, you can see the photos of the Bearse family too once you log in to Flickr. Let me know if I need to add you as a family member.)

Alexander and I enjoyed some paleontology.

Then Papa agreed to help Alexander fake his height so he could get on one of the rides.

Alexander received yet more gifts, this time from his aunt, uncle, and cousins. He is still obsessed with this robot.

And for the first time, Alexander got to see Santa! It was quite the impressive replica. He even had a little Lego flask and a soup kitchen ticket tucked into his suit.

We had a wonderful time seeing family, although we wish we could have made it a longer trip, and we're sorry we missed seeing friends while we were out there.

Next time, we're definitely spending more time at the ocean, which Alexander loved.

Provided the seals haven't taken over California by then.

*See, I'm only a month late blogging this time. Impressive, eh? I thought I'd prolong the Christmas spirit for you all. You're welcome.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's a . . . babysitter

I had the 5-month ultrasound today. The baby is very active, healthy as can be, and about a week ahead in development. Here's a shot of head, foot, and bottom.

We also found out the sex. I'll let Alexander tell you.

Personally, I'm relieved it will be a babysitter. We'll need all the help we can get.