Saturday, March 31, 2007

Older than the sour cream at the back of the fridge

That's right, Alexander turned two months old this past week. He is gradually outpacing the contents of our fridge in age. We celebrated by gathering his toys and animals together, creating a little corner kingdom, and playing like crazy.

Last Sunday, we visited with Dad and Betty before they left for home on Monday. Betty cooked a delicious meal, then Alexander showed off his strong neck for his grandpa. Then we hung out on the patio, with Alexander in his new little red stroller (which we had to buy when we discovered the big Jeep stroller we got didn't fit in our trunk!).

He's been smiling and laughing a lot more lately:

Here, he practices his drooling smile (drile? smool?):

On Thursday, I double-checked the weight limit on the Pack and Play bassinet Alexander has been sleeping in in our room: 15 pounds. I weighed myself, then weighed again while holding him. Granted, our scale is inaccurate, and this method is imperfect, but he appeared to weigh at least 15 pounds. So that afternoon, we quickly finished getting his room set up and he slept for the first time in his crib that night. He even slept on about the same schedule he's been used to in our room, apparently unfazed by the change in sleeping quarters. So now we just have to finish some of the decorative touches and the room will be done. We'll post photos when we finish. I'm just so relieved that he slept so well and didn't get scared in the new crib and new room.

We posted some new photos on flickr and took some videos with the camera. We had about 225 photos and videos to go through (digital cameras make it way too easy to go overboard), but we managed to be selective about what we posted. We're really trying hard not to post several photos that are only slightly different, but it's difficult! We failed at this task with the videos, which are all more or less of the same thing: Alexander babbling and giggling.

In the first one, he's helping me put together a mix of songs that all have the word "baby" in them.

In the last three, he appears to be transfixed by the ceiling light. He looks past the Gymini toys and the stuffed animals I'm holding up. There's nothing else above him but the light fixture. He's so fascinated by lamps and windows, we'll have to take him to a lamp store and watch him go nuts.

Monday, March 19, 2007

March Movie Madness

Some live action Alexander on (where else?) his Gymini. Don't worry, each clip is only 30 seconds long (the maximum on our camera).

First, he lives up to his reputation as a monkey bully:

Then he discusses the high price of gas:

And we chat for a while on the distinction Einstein intended to make between his theories of special relativity and general relativity:

And finally, Alexander and his dorkwad mom add a verse to the classic "If You're Happy and You Know It":

Friday, March 09, 2007

This week in baby

Quite a week we've had here at Mallon Baby Central. Eric, Jené, Charlotte, and Andrew visited last weekend. They stayed with my dad and Betty in the house they are renting in Sahuarita, just south of Tucson by about a half-hour. So we took Alexander on his longest car ride yet to visit them all there for some grilling (food, not interrogation) and catching up.

It was great to see them, and our first time meeting Andrew. He and Charlotte have their dad's big eyes and their mom's beautiful warm eye color. Charlotte is talking and imaginative. No need for toys--give that girl a fork and spoon! Andrew is toddling around with amazing confidence. He is teething, the poor guy, but he is still a clearly happy baby, quick to laugh and play. Photos are at our photo site, as always. You need to be invited as a family member or friend to see them because we have the privacy setting on for all the photos of Charlotte and Andrew. If you need an invitation (and are family), please email us at We'll send one right away. Even being busy with our new little fella, we can do this pretty quickly. Once you respond to the invitation, you don't have to do so again to see all the photos.

Here's a shot of Alexander being entertained by his uncle Eric:

On Tuesday, Alexander had a visit with his doctor. At 5 weeks, he weighed 11 pounds, 4 ounces, and measured 23 inches (Alexander did, not his doctor). Yes, our guy has gained more than 3 pounds since birth. The pediatrician was very happy about this and basically told us to keep up the good work. Alex is quickly moving into the 3 to 6-month clothing already, which is kind of a relief because he can start sharing his dad's clothing by the end of the year. That will save us some money.

Alexander is in good health overall. He has cradle cap and sensitive skin (red marks at the slightest touch of certain fabrics), but these aren't causing him any obvious discomfort. We can use vaseline or cream or ointments if the dry skin gets really bad (peeling off his cheeks, for example), but otherwise, there's no need because the problem is merely cosmetic. And we learned something interesting: Avoid lotions because they often contain alcohol, so the relief is temporary and the lotion actually dries out the skin even more. Our pediatrician was talking about baby lotion, but I wonder if this applies to adult face and body lotions as well. Interesting, anyway, especially to me because I'm the source for Alexander's sensitive skin. Obviously, eh? It ruined my future as a pirate, but perhaps with the right combination of hats and sunscreen, our little Cappy will have more freedom if he chooses a career in the great outdoors. Perhaps he too will strive for a high-level position in the sea-pirating industries. A mom can only dream.

And as if all this isn't enough excitement for one week, I had a doctor's appointment this week, too, and it was my first time out with Alexander without his daddy along to help. We actually made it through the many obstacles: past the car seat octopus, safely along Mad Hick Retiree Trail to the office, through the stroller obstacle course--beginning with the timed challenge of getting all the straps adjusted and clicked in properly and followed with a dash across the Parking Lot of the Sun--into the waiting room, where we lost a turn and had to wait a half-hour, then into the Examination Room Labryinth, which Alexander braved with aplomb while the nurse got all her measurements of me. By now, Alex was hungry, so fortunately, we lost another turn and had some time for a snack before the doctor showed up. The rest of the adventure was easy, with an Advance Immediately to Home Card that made the stroller and car rides a breeze. I now feel far more confident about taking him out again on my own. That's a relief because I hate going to the bar every day and worrying about getting home to feed him. Now I can just take him with. If I can fake his passport, I should be able to fake an ID, eh?