Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alexander couldn't decide what to be for Halloween. The strap on his mummy mask broke.

So he thought maybe he'd be a spooky ghost. Eating diced green beans. In Hawaii. Alo-o-o-oha, woooooo!

The pumpkin mask never quite did it for him.

And the skeleton mask was a good one, but it didn't quite match his physique.

By the time he tried being the statue of liberty, he wasn't feeling too patriotic.

So I thought he might like a mustache to match mine. (I phoned it in this year: bearded lady. Darrick didn't even pick up the phone with his luau outfit.) Alexander was so upset by the Groucho glasses, he broke them. I guess we shouldn't have pushed so far with the costumes.

Finally, though, he did decide: He wanted his dad's costume. To chew on, anyway.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quick Blog

He's got 9 teeth at last count (and they are getting difficult to count these days). He still likes to use them to bite us affectionately. And he enjoys experimenting with the different sounds he can make now that he has more teeth. One of his favorites is a velociraptor-like sound. We're still sorting our videos, so we'll post some talkies soon.

He's been walking around holding onto things like he thinks he's people. And sometimes he crawls under his exersaucer for some me time.

Or he just chills out, you know, just being casual.

More posts soon. Gotta get back to work. As you hold your breath waiting for the next installment, check out our blog translated into gangsta rap. Courtesy of Note that the translation has some language that you'd expect from a rap translation, but in this context, even that's funny.