Thursday, December 28, 2006

Catching up

Yes, we're finally catching up on the blog. Been busy with important responsibilities: picking individual hairs out of our brushes and combs and tying the ends together; attempting to move each individual toe without moving the other toes; arranging the towels in the linen closet according to size, then changing our minds and rearranging them according to color, then realizing size really was the best way to go.

So maybe next time you'll remember how much we have going on in our lives before complaining about how infrequently we post something on our blog.

Anyway, we got to see cousin Tom, Emily, Brenna, Aunt Linda, and Uncle Ronnie again this past weekend. They drove down to Tucson to have lunch with us, braving quite a drive with little Brenna. We, of course, forgot our camera, so we'll just point you to the photo Tom took and posted on their blog,

The Brokaws kindly fed us dinner on Christmas night, and Darrick got to play with trains.

Playing trains

Months ago, Christine sent me this little surprise in the mail (sorry to take so long to mention this gem--Darrick and I both laughed and laughed):

A gift from Christine

Of course, it could mean that I'm welcoming you to Italian 101, but most of you know that I wear it in case people don't realize I'm pregnant by looking at me. You can't really tell, can you?

34 weeks

To recap:

13 weeks

13 weeks!

34 weeks

34 weeks

We've also been to a few childbirth education classes, which we might write about in a future post, when we have more time. Until then, imagine yourself having a slumber party on the floor of your doctor's waiting room, watch Rosemary's Baby, breathe like you just climbed several flights of stairs, and you'll get the gist.


Eric said...

Thank you for showing off your belly on the Internet. Now everyone but the earthquake victims in Taiwan can see it! Hang in there...the fun is just about to start.

Darrick & Melanie said...

Oh, don't worry. We've had leaflets made of these photos, and they are being airdropped over Taiwan as we write this, so the Taiwanese won't be deprived of the opportunity to discipline their children by threatening that the crazy American lady will eat them if they don't behave.

Public service knows no borders.

JeniSpacePod said...

sweet jesus... you have a person inside you

Darrick & Melanie said...

Ha, ha. I know it. And he's about to move out. Better clean the place up first or he's not getting his deposit back.