Saturday, March 31, 2007

Older than the sour cream at the back of the fridge

That's right, Alexander turned two months old this past week. He is gradually outpacing the contents of our fridge in age. We celebrated by gathering his toys and animals together, creating a little corner kingdom, and playing like crazy.

Last Sunday, we visited with Dad and Betty before they left for home on Monday. Betty cooked a delicious meal, then Alexander showed off his strong neck for his grandpa. Then we hung out on the patio, with Alexander in his new little red stroller (which we had to buy when we discovered the big Jeep stroller we got didn't fit in our trunk!).

He's been smiling and laughing a lot more lately:

Here, he practices his drooling smile (drile? smool?):

On Thursday, I double-checked the weight limit on the Pack and Play bassinet Alexander has been sleeping in in our room: 15 pounds. I weighed myself, then weighed again while holding him. Granted, our scale is inaccurate, and this method is imperfect, but he appeared to weigh at least 15 pounds. So that afternoon, we quickly finished getting his room set up and he slept for the first time in his crib that night. He even slept on about the same schedule he's been used to in our room, apparently unfazed by the change in sleeping quarters. So now we just have to finish some of the decorative touches and the room will be done. We'll post photos when we finish. I'm just so relieved that he slept so well and didn't get scared in the new crib and new room.

We posted some new photos on flickr and took some videos with the camera. We had about 225 photos and videos to go through (digital cameras make it way too easy to go overboard), but we managed to be selective about what we posted. We're really trying hard not to post several photos that are only slightly different, but it's difficult! We failed at this task with the videos, which are all more or less of the same thing: Alexander babbling and giggling.

In the first one, he's helping me put together a mix of songs that all have the word "baby" in them.

In the last three, he appears to be transfixed by the ceiling light. He looks past the Gymini toys and the stuffed animals I'm holding up. There's nothing else above him but the light fixture. He's so fascinated by lamps and windows, we'll have to take him to a lamp store and watch him go nuts.


Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Great pictures and videos! What a big boy, Brenna weighed in at 16 lbs and some change just last week at the doctor's office!

Darrick & Melanie said...

Reading that on your blog was what really gave us a sense of how big he is. I mean, they're almost four months apart! Crazy.