Monday, August 06, 2007

Grandparents exersaucer first tooth peas mama devil baby

What a week. Nana and Papa spoiled their grandson rotten with good times . . .

and an exersaucer that holds every toy ever created:

Alexander's first tooth broke skin, and a second one appeared today, not far behind the first. He's been using his choppers on peas, which he tolerates but doesn't love:

He much prefers his thumb, and frankly, I don't blame him. Peas are gross.

He's been saying "mama" like crazy. He doesn't know what it means, I'm sure, but he has learned to say it repeatedly in the mornings when he wants out of his crib and when he's hungry. We'll get video when we have a chance. He also plays with his "n" sounds, delighting my mom with some "nana" rambling while she was here.

And he showed his devilish side last week, which he gets from his dad, of course. He does not, however, take after his dad in head size.

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Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Mmmm... peas, yum. Excellent pictures!