Sunday, September 02, 2007

Scooting, snorting, squealing

Here are some random movies of Alexander Cappy Scooter Pig Boy Mallon. He's been scooting himself around, getting up on his hands and knees but not quite getting how to crawl yet. Between the scooting and rolling, he manages to get where he wants to go, and at an alarming rate sometimes.

He's also big on snorting lately.

He's generally more interested in furniture than toys: his hamper, the changing table, his diaper pail (hence the abrupt end to the last film). He's also a bit of a squealer, which means, of course, that he has no future in the baby mafia.


Sue said...

I believe that qualifies as crawling, he did move his knees forward!

Darrick & Melanie said...

I suppose! Maybe we could call it scrawling. He's also been rocking on his hands and knees, so he'll spring forward and never look back one of these days soon.

He's got another tooth, too, on top. It's actually his second. We were wrong about the tooth on the bottom. He just has the one there. I think we were feeling that one twice when we thought we felt a second one.

Sue said...

opposing teeth, Ouch! Still nursing?

Darrick & Melanie said...

Ha, ha, yeah. He's been pretty good. Definitely a couple of ouch moments, though.

When he's not babbling, he likes to chomp the teeth together, almost grinding them. It's a weird sound. Kind of disconcerting.