Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alexander couldn't decide what to be for Halloween. The strap on his mummy mask broke.

So he thought maybe he'd be a spooky ghost. Eating diced green beans. In Hawaii. Alo-o-o-oha, woooooo!

The pumpkin mask never quite did it for him.

And the skeleton mask was a good one, but it didn't quite match his physique.

By the time he tried being the statue of liberty, he wasn't feeling too patriotic.

So I thought he might like a mustache to match mine. (I phoned it in this year: bearded lady. Darrick didn't even pick up the phone with his luau outfit.) Alexander was so upset by the Groucho glasses, he broke them. I guess we shouldn't have pushed so far with the costumes.

Finally, though, he did decide: He wanted his dad's costume. To chew on, anyway.

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Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

You managed to dress up more than I did. I didn't even find time to get any decorations out, quite the shame. I dig the skeleton mask, that's classic!