Thursday, December 20, 2007

Walking and Talking

For a few weeks, he's been walking a few steps in between things. Then last week, after we rearranged to set up a larger play area for him, he started doing this. Just needed the space, I guess!

And he's been enjoying a new phone from Nana and Papa. Sorry the video is dark. We had him open the present at night. We have photos too, but still have to take the red out before uploading them. (Mom and Tom, we have several videos of him actually "opening" the gift, which took forever and would bore everyone, but I'll send them if you want to see them. He still plays with the wrapping paper.)

Needless to say, our toy long-distance bill has skyrocketed.

And finally, a bit of fun with the curtain in his new play area:

OK, back to work with me.

1 comment:

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

I love the curtain video, Brenna is doing the exact same thing in our living room. The walking video is exciting also, keep posting this great stuff, we thoroughly enjoy it!