Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Bedtime Routine

The boy has started a new bedtime routine. He takes every book off his shelf, every toy in his room, every scrap of paper, and bit by bit, puts it all in his crib. He gives us a few books for us to read to him, but the rest goes into the crib. Then we read until he falls asleep, and we quietly take everything out of the crib and put him down. He's very serious about this routine. We've tried blocking him with our bodies to see if he'd give up because it's too difficult, but he scales us with his books. Determined and very weird.


Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Emily is doing what Brenna calls "rub tummy sing songs" when she's ready to go to sleep. To each his own, no?

Rachel said...

I guess we put up with just about anything to get them to go to sleep, huh? Alexander's room looks like a fantasy vacation spot! Can I come for a visit???