Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tunnel Vision

A series of quick movies (our camera doesn't take more than 30 seconds at a time) of Alexander dancing to his little drum set's beats and scratching, then playing in his tunnel. Sorry these are so dark.

In at least one, I'm clearly pressuring the boy to dance, but only because I started taking the photos when Alexander was dancing his fool head off. Once I started filming, of course, he pretty much lost interest in dancing.

And yet another attempt to catch him in the act dancing. Yes, a tornado did hit the room.

And Darrick taught him to blow a kiss:

We also have some photos from the Parks and Rec class we take him to, so I'll have those up tomorrow, maybe.


christinesfakeblog said...

Get that kid in a baby circle pit!

I can't get enough videos of Alex...

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

If only I had that kind of energy. And your house is MUCH cleaner than ours : )

Rachel said...

So adorable!

Alexander must have learned his dance technique the same place my children have, what with the spinning and flailing of arms... LOL

I love the kiss!