Sunday, January 11, 2009

December Shenanigans

A lot happened in December. We went to Minnesota, where Darrick's sister, Dawn, and her husband, Joe, took us in off the cold, cold streets. We were there for two storms, one that closed down 94 from Alexandria to Fargo, as well as some record-breaking cold days. On the way to Christine and Jim's wedding, we did a 180 in the rental car, actually ending up in the same lane, just facing the car behind us. (Yes, I was driving.)

Grandpa and Grandma Mallon came down to visit, and later in the week, we braved the trip up to Alexandria, where Alexander got his first pair of snowpants and went out to play in the snow. We forgot our camera on that trip, so we'll have to wait to post the photos they send us from one of those antique cameras that hold film.

We visited with all kinds of Bearses: Grandpa and Grandma, and Alexander's Uncle Eric and Aunt Jené, and his cousins Charlotte and Andrew. Plus, we saw Uncle Greg and Aunt Jeannie and cousin Randi among many others when we celebrated Christmas. Grandpa took the kids for a sleigh ride around the backyard. (Yes, that's a plastic storage lid with a rope tied to it.)

We met up with various friends throughout our stay, for pizza, beer, wild animal rides. The usual.

Near the end of our stay, after not napping for most of the trip, Alexander experienced the effects of sleep deprivation on his mood.

But he had a good time at the rehearsal dinner, entertaining folks with his beat boxing and general hamming.

He cried throughout Jim and Christine's wedding, which was beautiful, so I don't blame him. I got a little weepy myself. Look at my beautiful sister. Just look at her. Go on.

Too bad Darrick missed most of it. He spent the entire ceremony holding Alexander out in the foyer. But the boy got a second wind at the reception and danced the night away. Yes, that's a twenty-dollar bill he's holding. My brother Joe lent it to him to play with. Uncle Joe's sense of age-appropriate toys is uncanny.

After we got home to 70-degree Tucson, we had yet another Christmas. Alexander opened gifts from us (Jeep Big Wheel and Spiderman punching bag) and from Nana and Papa.

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Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! As I told your sister, you were missed! Have you ever been happier to see 70 degrees in January in your life? Great post!