Sunday, February 08, 2009


We finally had a party for Alexander's second birthday. First, we had to get the swingset built ("we" meaning Darrick):

Then on Saturday, everyone came over to celebrate with us. We played outside and then had Alexander's favorite food: spaghetti from Tony's deli!

Darrick and I made an Elmo cake. He ended up baking it while I fixed our Internet connection, then I tinted the icing and frosted the cake.

Then Alexander opened his awesome presents and the kids ran around like maniacs while the adults had beer, then espresso, then second dessert: cannoli from Tony's. If you don't leave bloated, it's not a good party, right?


Rachel said...

Looks like an awesome time!!! You guys are all super cute!!!! And what a great job on the Elmo cake, you put me to shame!

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

The next time we're in town, I'm taking a ride on that swing, just so you know : ) Great update!