Friday, April 28, 2006

Top Ten Uses for Laszlo's E Collar

1. Disguise for entering the canine witness protection program
2. Funnel (minus dog head, unless said funnel is being used for liver snacks)
3. Megaphone
4. Party hat
5. Bishop or cardinal hat
6. Cheap hearing aid
7. Old-timey phonograph part replacement
8. Elizabethan theater costume (duh)
9. Lampshade
10. Vacuum attachment

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Christine said...

With the addition of ruffles it would resemble an Elizabethan collar.

Christine said...

Oh man, am I a card! You got that one already...

Christine said...


Melanie said...

Yeah, and that's why it's called an E collar. It really IS short for Elizabethan collar. What a weird thing for vets to come up with at all. Makes me picture them with the pets that stay overnight, dressing them up in costumes and putting on plays.