Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Foster's 13th birthday dinner

We've posted photos from Foster's 13th birthday dinner at Blue Wasabi. We forgot our camera, unfortunately, so we're blatantly stealing some of the photos the Fawcetts took. See them at the link above, including photos of the birthday girl (not shown here). The photos are limited access to family and friends, so we'll need to invite you if you can't see them all and want to (and you are a family member or friend).

Dinner was delicious, the preparation was entertaining, and Foster was charming as usual. She doesn't miss a beat with the joking around. Many adults, when you joke around with them, will look puzzled for a minute before understanding spreads across their faces, but Foster always joins right in and shoots something back that's funnier than anything we said. Awesome kid. We can't believe we've known her through nine birthdays! Posted by Picasa


Christine said...

Wow, she's 13 years old!? Where does time go??

Darrick & Melanie said...

I know it! Remember when people used to say that about us? (Probably still about you to some degree.) How funny, the comments that we inherit as adults.