Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In the mail

OK, so this is the stupidest reason to post at all, and I shouldn't even be on the blog during my workday (I pledge allegiance to the procrastination . . .), but I just got our mail and I have to ask:

How did the Consolidated Plastics Company, Inc., get my name and address, and why on earth are they sending me their catalog for laboratory supplies?

At first I thought it was a catalog for the person who owned our house before us, a college biology teacher, but no, there's my name and address in that attractive 1980s futuristic computer font that catalogs always use for addresses.

What on earth did I ever order or subscribe to that would have clued them in on, I mean, made them think erroneously that I have some kind of home laboratory? Don't they wonder when a residential name and address shows up on the mailing list? Do people actually have home laboratories? Of course some do, I'm sure, sort of the home office for splicing genes on the weekend, no doubt, but really, how many people would have a laboratory in their home that would require a catalog full of bulk supplies?

All I can think is that someone found out about my meth lab. It was supposed to be a secret, a surprise for Darrick's birthday. Oh, well. At least he'll still be surprised by all the different flavors I concocted. Strawberry Rhubarb methamphetamine is out of this world!

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