Friday, August 04, 2006

Either I'm pregnant or I swallowed a motorcycle helmet

Or both, I suppose. Can't start teaching the importance of safety too soon, eh?

I'm showing a lot more than I expected to at this point, although I'm sure as the months go on, Darrick and I will look back at this and laugh, because I will be gigantenormohuge, and this will look like minor bloating in comparison. At the rate I'm going, by the end of the second trimester, I should be able to set my tummy with four place settings for dinner. I'll have to drive from the backseat. By the end of the third, foliage will wither and die in my shadow. I may need to incorporate my belly as a city. Nations will ask me to stop blocking the view of their satellites (or will attempt to hire me for the same reason).

I'll suddenly be stricken with an obviously uncharacteristic tendency to exaggerate and a compulsive need to tell bad belly jokes. Did you hear the one about my belly, the priest, and the rabbi on a deserted island . . . ?


Christine said...

Hey, what's happening Mallons?

I'm just dropping in to question whether or not you're having twins.

Let me know.

Darrick & Melanie said...

It's too early to tell for certain, but twins are highly improbable. No twins on our side of the family (usually passes on through the mother's side), and although older women are more likely to have twins, I'm not "officially" old for a pregnant woman (35 and older) and that statistic is in large part weighted by women who have twins from fertility treatments, which we didn't need.

Mom says I'm having a typical Homans pregnancy, judging from my size. In other ways, that's been true, so yea! That means uneventful and healthy.

Tom & Emily said...

Excellent belly picture! At 13 weeks I just looked like I ate too much, yours looks like a baby...hmm, or a motorcycle helmet...

Darrick & Melanie said...

All the earlier pictures I took just looked like a bloated stomach. I admit, I was really desperate to finally start looking pregnant, after weeks of most definitely feeling pregnant!