Monday, May 28, 2007


The weekend before this past one, we took Alexander on his longest car ride ever up to Apache Junction to see his nana again and to meet some Homans and Grue family members: Papa Tom, Great-Aunt Linda and Great-Uncle Ronnie, and his cousins (second? once removed? double twice removed with a twist of lime?) Tom and Em and little Brenna, who is about four months older than Alexander and talking a blue streak in between eating delicious bananas. Mmmmm. In spite of the difference in age, they are about the same size, and they have in common a complete lack of interest in each other, as you can see here:

Actually, that's not entirely true. At one very sweet moment, Brenna reached out to Alexander, but he did not respond at all. He was a bit of a zombie baby all day. I think our little guy was more than a little overwhelmed by the car ride, new place, and all the people, without much of his usual routine that day. When we got home that night, he was wired. We could not get him to sleep. We finally just hung out with him on the floor of his room while he squealed and laughed and shoved himself across the floor by pushing against our hands with his feet. He finally wore himself out after about an hour or two of this.

We had a great time catching up with everybody and seeing how much Brenna has grown. All babies are different, of course, but it's cool to see generally what is in store for us in the months ahead. Of course, at the rate he's growing, by the time Alexander is Brenna's age, he'll be eating solids with the spoon from the Minneapolis sculpture garden, sitting in a giant high chair that we will hover around in a helicopter full of rice cereal.

A high point for Alex clearly was seeing his nana again. He had so much to tell her.

And then we all coincidentally were standing and sitting for these candid shots. What are the odds?

For the Homans take on this trip (including an introduction to the Darrick mystery--yes, I admit it, I Photoshopped him into our pictures), see

More photos from this trip along with other Mallon photos are at


Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

1st, kudos for getting a picture of me where I don't appear stoned, that in and of itself is amazing. 2nd, we found out a few nights ago that Brenna appears to be allergic to those yummy bananas. She had a bad reaction to the ones she ate when you were here, and later repeated those "issues" with some pureed ones from Gerber.


Darrick & Melanie said...

Oh no! Poor Brenna. At least you know exactly what food it is by trying one food at a time.