Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hanging out with chicks, hitting the bottle, and rocking and rolling

We've had a busy couple of weeks. On Memorial Day weekend, Alexander hung out with Lauren. She's a younger woman, only two months old, but she's got a sweet ride:

They're already drinking buddies:

Shelly and Baby Lauren, caught in a moment:

Lauren is lucky to have big sister Nicole to love and hug and hold her:

For some reason, we didn't get any pictures of Ben. Middle child syndrome beginning, perhaps? Hard to believe. He's a photogenic little toddler. I guess we were just too baby-eyed.

Then on the following Thursday, Alexander went in for his four-month well-baby checkup. At 19 pounds 8 ounces and 26 inches, he has slowed down his growth a bit (2 pounds a month instead of 4), but he's not exactly a dainty flower just yet. We've pulled out the 12-month clothing. Some of it is a little big, but most of it fits him well. At four months. Yep.

His doctor suspects that Alexander is teething, and he suggested we start him on solids as soon as he seems ready to give it a shot. So we'll be picking up a high chair soon.

And yesterday (Monday), he rolled over from front to back! Darrick was with him both times. I have yet to witness it, although I spent the day today with camera in hand. The second time Alex did it, Darrick tried to get a movie, but the camera was still set on camera, so he captured him mid-roll:

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Sue said...

Well, whoop dee do! He will slim some more with turning over and all that portends. Cereal always helped you kids to sleep thru the night but he already does that soooooo........maybe longer naps in the day!!!!!